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Year R

Welcome to Year R! 

Year R is an exciting year where we welcome children on their school journey.  This year sees children complete their early years foundation stage with experiences within the seven areas of learning that they began within their pre-school settings.  We value the importance of play both indoors and outdoors as a rich context for children’s learning in which they explore the world around them, practise skills and consolidate what they have learnt.  Strong and meaningful relationships are formed between staff and children allowing us to plan for each child’s individual journey.  We are a three-form entry school and have ninety children split into three classes.  These are: 

  • Rabbits with Mrs Vidler, Mrs Atwell and Mrs Worley

  • Otters with Mrs Davison and Mrs Skinner

  • Badgers with Miss Power and Miss Mitchell

  • Miss Carr who works across the year group

In addition to their class based experiences each week, children have PE on a Monday and Thursday where they will spend time in the hall or outside developing their physical skills.  Children go on a weekly welly walk in the school grounds and have their boots in school ready to explore on any day throughout the week.  

As our learning is personalised and generated by interests that the children share; activities and focus areas change on a regular basis. We have attached our Learning Adventure Map below to give some detail about our EYFS Curriculum and share with you some of the key texts we cover, amongst many others! 


Year R Recommended Reads


Please use the link below to access a range of recommended books to share with your Year R child.  These have been carefully selected to represent a wide range of age appropriate themes.

Here is a poster view of the same books available to download.

50 Recommended Reads Reception


Year R Termly Updates

Autumn Term in Year R

Starting school was our first adventure of the autumn term! We learnt about the routines of the day and went on a tour of the school.  Joining in with new friends and learning their names throughout the day was a focus for us.  We enjoyed our first welly walk onto the field and hunted for signs of autumn.  After finding small, middle-sized and large spoons and bowls on our walk through the woods we told the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.  We made our own porridge like the bears and enjoyed having a taste! We have settled so well into school life at Netley Abbey Infants.


We used our imaginations during our next learning adventure after reading the book ‘Not a box.’  We thought of what our own boxes could be transformed into and spent time pretending and creating in class. We created a gallery of our box creations which we shared with parents at home via Tapestry.


    Not a box front cover 


Singing and learning new nursery rhymes led our next learning adventure ending in a fantastic Christmas nursery rhyme performance to parents at the end of term.  We had a nursery rhyme dress up day to celebrate our learning with a singing session with Jiggy Wrigglers in school.  We were musicians in adding instruments to the ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ rhyme and performed our rhymes to each other on the stage outside.  We also changed the rhyme so that Incy Wincy had to climb up other things such as sunflowers, rainbows or the paw patrol tower!

music bugs           Nursery rhyme creations



Spring Term in Year R

After celebrating Christmas at home over the holidays we came back to school to our new learning adventure ‘Celebrating Me.’   We drew pictures of ourselves and wrote a page for our class ‘All about me’ book. We learnt about our feelings linking these to the ‘Zones of Regulation’ that were introduced in our classrooms and thought carefully about how we feel in the green, blue, yellow and red zones.  We compared numbers to ten and thought about how these numbers could be made up.  After reading ‘Once there were giants’ we talked about how we have changed over time and shared photographs from home.  We celebrated where we live through a walk in the local area around the school talking about what we noticed along the way.  At Chinese New Year we learnt about how others celebrate special events and enjoyed learning about different traditions.




In the lead up to ‘World Book Day’ celebrations our learning adventure changed to ‘Tell me a story’ and we loved immersing ourselves in storytelling.  We brought in favourite books from home writing our recommendations in book reviews for our reading areas.  Helicopter Stories were introduced allowing us to perform the stories we told on a classroom stage.  We compared size through organising a box of books delivered from the library and talked about what we noticed using words such as taller and shorter.  As part of our R.E. we listened to stories that Jesus told and thought about how we can learn through stories.  We visited Netley Library to share our book reviews and see what a real library is like.




“Where has the Gingerbread Man gone?” This was the launch to our adventure ‘Run Run as Fast as You Can!’ We found lots of clues but we could not find the Gingerbread Man so we wrote lost posters and drew maps to try and find him. We read Keep running Gingerbread Man and found out how to stay fit and healthy like the Gingerbread Man. Finally we enjoyed making our own Gingerbread Men and eating them, luckily ours didn’t run away!