The Federation of Netley Abbey Infant and Junior Schools

Year 2

Year 2 Information

In Year 2 the children will begin their journey learning with timetabling replicated from Year 1; this is essential to facilitate a smooth transition between the year groups. We will teach the children through six learning journeys including All Aboard (Titanic) and Animal Magic (Science). We also finish the year with an adventurous trip to the Calshot Activity Centre which is a fantastic opportunity for children to experience a range of activities, build on their communication and physical skills.

In Year 2 we have three delightful classes, they are:

  • Squirrels (Mrs Sherwood)
  • Field Mice (Mrs Hutchings)
  • Hedgehogs (Mr Anderson). 

Year 2 have PE sessions which take place on Tuesday's and Friday's - the children come to school in their school PE kit for the day. 

Here is a copy of our Yearly Overview for Year 2. 

Below you will see our focus for Learning Adventure's in the Autumn Term:


Autumn Term

In September we welcomed in our lovely new Year 2 children and what a term we have all had!

During the months of September and October, we enjoyed re-reading and discussing well known traditional stories. We made porridge bowls for Goldilocks and even created our own gingerbread men...who we managed to stop from running away! 

In October and November, we went wild as we learnt about animals and we loved hearing about all of the wonderful pets that the children have! A story favourite soon became apparent as the children thoroughly loved listening to and joining in with, The Lion Inside rap. A must see/hear if you have not! 

And then came December with its Christmas wonder and magic, with the icing on the cake; performing 'Away in a Manger', our Christmas nativity to our families. The children were awesome!

We are so proud of what the children have achieved and accomplished this term and are looking forward to another great term in the new year. 


Please find attached a wonderful website that lists books that are recommended for children as they move through the year groups at school. There are 50 books listed for each year group and we hope that you find this list useful when choosing books to share with your child.