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Welcome to Year 5

Our 2021 – 22 curriculum map can be found here:

Year 5 2021 – 22 overview

Reading VIPERS for parents


Here is our Reading Bookcase, which shows the key texts we will read across the curriculum in Year 5:


We use our CLIC values to help us to learn to the best of our ability. We believe that every child has the right-


C– to be a confident communicator

L– to learn

I– to improve their health

C– to be part of a community

At Netley Abbey Junior School, these ideas underpin all of our learning. With this in mind, please take some time to see what we have been up to in class.

If you would like any further information about our curriculum, please feel free to talk to our class teachers in the first instance who should be able to answer any queries. After talking to the class teacher, if there are any further enquires, they can be directed toward our head teacher.

Homework help

Please see the link on key grammatical terms that your child will be learning about.

A Parents Guide to Grammar

Recommended Reads

Many parents have asked if we can recommend age-appropriate challenging texts for their child.

Below are links to three book lists of ‘recommended reads’ which are suitable for Year 5 Readers and for More Able Readers:

Books for year 5 children

SLS Booklists Recommended Reads Year 5

SLS Booklists Able Readers at KS2

Mr Oliver – Castle

Mr Archer and Mrs Hance – Moore

Miss Hansell – Denzil (Year 5 Lead)

Our PE Days

We would like children to have their PE kit in school every day, however, we understand that they do need washing. P.E. kits will be sent home at the end of each term. 

PEOur PE days are-

Castle: Tuesday and Wednesday

Moore: Monday and Tuesday

Denzil: Tuesday and Friday


Homework is given out on a Friday and is collected in on the following Wednesday.

Homework includes either an English or maths task related to the work taught that week or may be a revision of a concept taught earlier in the term. Weekly spellings are also given and these will include important key words, as well as words with a particular pattern or rule.

Children are also expected to read regularly, updating their reading logs, and practise their times tables using TTRS.

All homework will be set using Seesaw.

Remote Learning

 Below you will find the first two days of home learning. Please post the completed work to your homework page on Seesaw. After these two days of work have been posted, the remaining days of home learning will be found on Seesaw. Don't forget to take brain breaks in between your tasks. 

Day 1 



Guided Reading



Day 2



Guided Reading


Termly Updates

Autumn 1 

As the new school year began, we were very much looking forward to getting to know our new Year 5’s and exploring some new topics with them!

We started with our Earth and Space unit in science, as well as building our vocabulary in Spanish in order to give our opinions.

In our English lessons, we looked at a video called “The Unsung Hero”, reminding ourselves of expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials. We also looked at “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls”, finding out about a variety of notorious women throughout history who have possessed the courage to make a change. For the first time ever, we also looked at a similar text called “Stories for Boys who Dare to be Different” which follows a similar theme.

In our maths, we will recapped our written methods of addition and subtraction as well as thinking about how we can use rounding to check our answers.

Autumn 2 

Most of our English topics in Autumn 2 have been based on the concept of conflict. This began with our work on Romeo and Juliet in which we wrote diary entries as one of the characters. We have also looked at the story “Hidden Figures” and considered the racial and gender injustices people have faced over time. We worked particularly hard to create persuasive speeches when writing in role of Dorothy Vaughan to persuade NASA to let us work with them. Our final piece of the term has been based on another historical conflict – World War One. In this topic we’ve considered different types of figurative language and how they can be used to create a setting description.

In maths we have been working hard to improve our written methods of addition, subtraction and multiplication. We’ve also been thinking about how we can use our knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 when converting measures. By underlining key words, drawing pictures and using our peer support, we are getting more confident in answering word problems based on converting.

In our history, we’ve been finding out about the Anglo-Saxons. We’ve been building on the skills we’ve learnt in previous years by interpreting sources of evidence found at Sutton Hoo in order to come to our own conclusion about who was buried there. We’ve also developed our understanding of reliability by questioning whether a source of evidence is a primary or secondary source.

In DT, we have been thinking about leverages. After considering the different leverages we use in everyday life, we made our own paper ‘snappy crocodiles’ using split pins. We’ve also used our communication skills when working in teams to build our own leverage out of Knex. Look at some of photos below to see how they turned out!




Spring term flew by! This term went to Hamble School for our swimming lessons. We had to show lots of resilience and we all earnt lots of improving health CLICs because swimming every day can be very tiring. 

In English we focused on Survivors, The Wolves of Currumpaw and Kensuke's Kingdom. While studying these books we wrote persuasive letters, balanced arguments and learnt how to build suspense in our rainforest descriptions. These texts tied in very well with our geography topic of "Biomes" in which we found out why different countries have different weather conditions. We also explored the question "Is Climate Change Real?" and created our own graphs to see if we were correct. 

We also made fajitas this term. We had to work in groups to create a recipe that was unique yet cheap before learning and applying the safe techniques we can use when preparing food. The smell was great and definitely made everyone's mouths water! 



This term we are looking at the text "Riddles of the Runes". This is a story based in the Viking era, in which a young girl named Alva takes it upon herself to help investigate a mystery. In this unit we will be practising writing job adverts before responding to our adverts with an application in the role of Alva. 

This text links well with our history topic on the Vikings. We have already started the term with a history and drama workshop from Treehouse productions, in which we dressed for the occasion and all learnt a different role. It was a great success and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. 

Coming up this term we will be developing our woodwork skills to create a Viking cart. We will need to measure carefully before using safe methods to cut the wood.